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Easily change Database or Design

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Welcome on Isilex Site. Isilex is a WebServer, a Bilingual Content Manager System, an XML tool for collecting datas and an XML Corpus Edition Tool, all at once. It's a complete solution for Digital litteracies Edition Work. This Website is a demo of what Isilex do: create a WebSite, collecting datas (here you'll find a fake Atlas) some users can edit, validate, delete and export to Word or PDF Format, adding pictures, Corpus, automatic annotation of your corpus thanks to your encyclopedic datas. Feel free to try it or to download the Lite Version ! Contact us at: i-def AT
Who needs it ? - Why would I ? - What is my need of it ?

A collaborative XML Data Driver & Publisher 

See how Historians from "Gordes' project" use it !

See how philologists from "Bible Historiale" use it !

See how philologists from "Digitens" use it ! 

See how Managers from "managerinterculturel" use it ! 

is first a Web Server, second a CMS (Content Management System) and third an XML Database Driver System linked toBaseX. It's the swiss army knife of collaborative projects involving Databases and Web publication. You can even create your own Doodle CoNote !

It's also a Private Social Network Organizer. CMS Mode allows you to edit HTML and XML Data Files. Social Network Mode allows you to publish datas and comments. What ever you chose, you gain access to a full-powered data crawler. You produce a clean XML data file. 

Unlike a product likeWordPress, which can't publish your datas in the meanwhile you need to find a Web Service management to Host your Web Site, Isilex can host your Web site directly onto your own machine in your Business place or your laboratory, or even at home, and lets you directly make your Work accessible to every publics. It allows you to link Multimedia content to your XML files.

- I start Isilex Server

  • - I open http://localhost:8984
  • - I start editing

Who needs it ?

Isilex is an easy way to offer a collaborative tool for every team needing an easy and functionnal XML Database Publisher:

Why would I need it ?

We provide XML models for every kind of XML usage:

Everyone working on Datas Collections today knows that matter is not technology: it's Data. Isilex lets you being completely free, without needing an ingenior dedicated to the technologic task :

  • Freedom for conception
  • Every coWorkers share a same Type Model
  • No need for learning technology with a specialist

What can i do ?

With Your Isilex, you can:

  • Build an encyclopedia project, or a corpus database, alone or with my collaborators and publish it online
  • Create Redactors groups for every task of my project.
  • Create and manage multiple databases; allow one Web Database to be displayed while another is used by contributors.
  • Export to .odt (Office) or PDF your datas: one file at a time, or a group.
  • Mark all occurrences of a stemmed word in a paragraph (XQuery Full Text)
  • Modify all my Web Pages in one click in a simple HTML Editor
  • Modify XML Datas, modify XML Datas, correct or even delete XML
  • Ask to the project moderator to validate a work
  • Modify configuration of a site (CSS, XSD)
  • easily configure an XHTML/HTML bilingual site


We releasemodulesfor downloading. These smart Codes are internal apps for Isilex, or DTD or XSD schemas corresponding to usages of XML for Business or Research.


(c) Xavier-Laurent Salvador - Sylvain Chea